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Comfy Soles is the only independent shoe store in Jacksonville to carry the quality craftsmanship of Birkenstock. Birkenstock footbeds are made of cork and natural latex, and contoured in the shape of a healthy foot. These contours ensure proper weight distribution with raised arches to help support the foot's natural shape and structure. The toe bar allows the toes to grip and flex, stimulating circulation, exercising the leg, and helping to maintain balance. The deep heel cup keeps the foot's natural padding under the heel to provide stability. As a result of these factors, the correct bones bear the weight of the body to keep the spine and legs in alignment.  

The Birkenstock concept of comfort is based on firm, orthopedically correct support. As with a quality mattress, feet require solid support and correct positioning providing maximum comfort and health. Birkenstock footbeds feature proper arch support, a deep heel cup, and adequate room in the toe area - all to help distribute weight evenly for the entire foot. The result is improved posture and balance for greater comfort when walking.

Birkenstocks come in narrow and regular widths, and many styles offer a soft footbed option in addition to the traditional footbed.


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